Nautical activity

The first sailing boat manufactured by the company was the legendary Y-33. It is not being produced anymore, because the company reached the decision to follow new trends in nautical science and therefore to collaborate with acknowledged architects. This, in combination with previous experience and knowledge enables Triplast to offer more modern and sophisticated sailing boats. Thus the company produced the sailing boat Y-999 in the year 1997, which was extremely inquired after in Slovenia as well as abroad, due to its practical nature, speed and convenience appealing to those yachtsmen seeking for speed as well as comfort. The Y-999 was followed by the twelve meter long Y-40. The Y-40 can boast with its superior (above average) space and speed for its class. Also it is convenient for charter since it is possible to manufacture it as 3 or 4 cabin sailing boat. The last sailing boat in the Y series is the Y-37, a fast and spacious sailing boat. It is a combination of the best characteristics of the Y-999, Y-40 and some other European sailing hits.

The company is dealing with modifications and completions of the Y-37 at the present time, which is in accordance with the expressed requests of the contracting parties. One of the biggest advantages of our company is the adjustment to customers’ needs and desires – meaning the willingness to remodel even those models that were already presented. We believe that individual wishes of our clients need to be considered and fulfilled. Therefore we try to satisfy the desires of our clients by offering them a sailing boat that provides them with great satisfaction and pleasure on their sailing ventures.

Triplast is extremely proud of the fact that many experienced sailors have decided to use our sailing boats. This inclines that the company enjoys a large amount of confidence among the sailors demanding high quality. Miran Tepeš chose our Y-40 model to sail around the world in 2006/2007. Now he is on his second expedition around the world with the same model.

Miran Tepeš

The statement of Miran Tepeš about the sailing boat and its qualities:

I first met the sailing boat Y-40 in Triplast's workshop, when it was still in mould, and it was love at first sight. Soon after that the Skokica (as I named my sailing boat; »skokica« = little jumper) was finished. At the sea I realized how good and spacious the boat really is. I tested the boat on several routes across the Mediterranean. When I was convinced, that the sailing boat was built firm enough, I went sailing on bigger seas.

Miran Tepeš about the sailing boat and its qualities

I successfully sailed around the world with »Skokica« in the years from 2006 to 2008. On my first trip the Y-40 successfully tackled any strong winds and higher ocean waves; therefore I have decided to take the boat for another route around the world in 2010.

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